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Speciality Insurance

Underwriting Africa will maximize synergies created through various partnerships to create a one stop shop as a niche provider of specialist underwriting and product innovation

Trade in Africa and within Africa is growing, forcing us to think of innovative ways of facilitating this. Underwriting Africa's Trade Credit Insurance Products protect businesses trading domestically or regionally against non-payment of their receivables due to failure or refusal of a buyer to pay over a period of 6 months or more, Insolvency or bankruptcy and Political Risks
Our Solutions:
  • Whole turnover credit insurance.
  • Top Tier Credit Insurance.
  • Excess of Loss Credit Insurance.
  • Lenders Comprehensive Insurance.
  • Protection against bad debts (Profitability Protection).
  • Balance sheet protection.
  • Information, screening of clients.
  • Avoidance of internal conflicts (esp. between sales and credit departments).
  • Reduction of the fixed overheads (credit management outsourced).
  • Become more competitive.
Businesses Covered:
  • Large Local Corporates.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Banks and Financial Institutions.
Our Oil and Gas/Energy insurance solutions are geared towards supporting your business needs at every stage of your business. We cover upstream, midstream and downstream energy.
Our Solutions:
  • General Liability Covers.
  • Asset Covers.
  • Environmental Liability.
  • Political Violence Terrorism and Sabotage.
  • Contractors All Risk Covers.
  • Workers Compensation.
  • We bring together a team of experts with specialized technical expertise.
  • Tailored and unique product offering.
  • Robust risk management support both before and during construction as well as completion.
Businesses covered:
  • Service contractors.
  • Operators and non-operators.
  • Drilling contractors.
  • Manufacturers.
  • Suppliers.
  • Midstream companies.
We offer boutique insurance solutions covering both hull and liability classes that includes rated insurance and reinsurance services for Private & commercial Airlines.
Our solutions:
  • Hull and liability.
  • Hull war risks.
  • Personal accident cover.
  • Safeguards your investment.
  • Exclusive discounts if you own multiple aircraft.
  • Extra expenses coverage.
Businesses Covered:
  • Private Airlines.
  • Commercial Airlines.
  • Refuellers.
  • Baggage handlers.
Health insurance remains a major challenge for many families. Our Micro Health Insurance product is designed to ease the financial strain faced by majority of families. We work with our clients to ensure the most comprehensive coverage (outpatient and inpatient cover) that is relevant and innovative.
Our solutions:
  • Inpatient cover.
  • Outpatient cover
Cover Limits:
Limits between Ksh 10,000 and Ksh 300,000
  • Covers against unexp ected illnesses that cannot be planned or quantified
  • Protects against misfortune and a huge setback in one’s finances
  • Protects from unexpected accidental or illness misfortune which would result to an admission in a hospital and a safeguard of the huge medical bills.
  • We cover low income earners as long as they are affiliated to local corporate or value chains
Underwriting Africa works with leading Insurance and Reinsurance Underwriters to protect investors and foreign banks and financial institutions who invest in Africa against Political Risks.
Political Risks arise from any act or inaction by government that could prevent an investor from completing a project or realizing the benefit of their investment.
Our solutions:
  • Confiscation, expropriation, or nationalization.
  • Currency inconvertibility and non-transfer.
  • Political violence (including terrorism and war.)
  • Contract frustration due to political events.
  • Sovereign payment default.
  • Wrongful calling of on-demand guarantees and bonds.
  • Controlled expansion of business to different parts of Africa.
  • Protection of Assets.
  • Protection of Profitability.
  • Favourable rates.
Businesses Covered:
  • Bank and Financial Institutions.
  • Investors.
  • Large Corporates and Multinationals looking to expand.
We design solutions that meet risk transfer objectives and budget constraints for all types of construction and engineering projects, across the planning, construction, erection, installation and initial operational phases.
Our solutions:
  • Owner Controlled Insurance (OCIP).
  • Contractors All Risk (CAR).
  • Erection All Risk (EAR).
  • Political risk.
  • Marine risk.
  • Financial risks (loss of profit or business interruption).
  • Policies specifically designed to suit the needs of the local environment.
  • Claims and Customer Service Support.
  • Risk Management support.
  • Option to effect insurance policy in joint names of Contractor and his subcontractors.
Surety bonds are designed to guarantee performance in the face of a set of particular risks. Each surety bond must be uniquely tailored to meet specific needs.
Our team provides expert advice and placement service directly to businesses as well as to banks looking to deleverage their own guarantee positions by accessing insurance market capacity.
Our solutions:
  • Bid Bonds.
  • Performance Bonds.
  • Advance Payment Bonds.
  • Contact us on Surety solutions.

Livestock Insurance

Our Livestock Insurance will mitigate losses to farmers due to mortality arising from:
  • Death due to illness & diseases.
  • Epidemics.
  • Emergency slaughter on advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon.
Livestock covered:
  • Cows
  • Poultry
  • No Waiting Period.
  • Guidance in ensuring Quick Settlement.
  • A variety of solutions to suit your needs.
  • Offers yield protection.
  • Protection of your profits.

Crop Insurance

Our Crop Insurance covers loss or damage to growing crop or crop being harvested caused by:
  • Excessive rainfall.
  • Hail damage.
  • Frost damage.
  • Fire and windstorm.
  • Drought.
  • Uncontrollable pests and diseases.
Crops covered:
Cereals wheat, barley and maize, Coffee, Hay, Tree crop, Tobacco, horticultural crops, Flower crops and other Crop of Commercial value